Yung Feng Lee

Founder, The Paper Windmill Arts and Educational Foundation


The Paper Windmill Arts and Educational Foundation founder Yung Feng Lee shares the magic of creativity and possibilities with children

With the goal of creating something for children via theatre arts, Yung Feng Lee, alongside notable film and television personalities in Taiwan, established the performance group Paper Windmill Theatre in November 1992. Through this group's efforts, children across Taiwan have the chance to witness theatrical productions like stage plays, musicals, blacklight plays, puppetry, and mimes.

Lee went on to become CEO of Paper Windmill Culture and Education Foundation, and mounted several projects to make art more accessible to children; most prolific of which was the “First Mile, Kid’s Smile” art project in 2006. The group visited over 300 urban and rural townships in Taiwan in five years and mounted its productions via independent fundraising.

In 2009, the Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation was named one of the recipients of the Presidential Culture Awards and bagged the Creativity Award for its efforts in staging performances and bringing the arts closer to the youth.


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Did You Know?

Yung Feng Lee got his start in acting—he has several film credits as an actor to his name.

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