Yuan Li

Principal, Taipei Media School


Yuan Li, principal of Taipei Media School, champions progressive education in the creative arts

Yuan Li is the principal of the Taipei Media School, a specialist media training facility for film, music, and television established by Taipei’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the Taipei Culture Foundation in 2016. A prime example of progressive, experimental education in the creative arts, Taipei Media School makes use of digital technology, real-world work placements, and annual exhibitions to enhance learning. In addition to specialized learning, the school cultivates creativity and critical thinking, producing talents with unique points of view.

Li hopes to pass on years of accumulated experience, connections, and resources in media to a younger generation of artists—the future of Taipei’s arts and culture scene. As a principal, he is progressive in thought and practice, encouraging the “wonderful flowers” that come to the institution to explore learning not just through higher education, but through application, interaction, and travel.


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Did You Know?

There are no compulsory courses at Yuan Li’s Taipei Media School. Students are free to arrange their own schedules via a credit system.

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