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Yori Antar Awal

Yori Antar

Championing Indonesia’s cultural heritage, Yori Antar Awal—together with Han Awal & Partners—is on a mission to ensure traditional architecture will be enjoyed by more generations to come


The distinctive indigenous houses of Wae Rebo village in Flores are nestled quietly in between mountains and a dense forest. They have been maintained by their inhabitants for more than a century, becoming naturally weathered through time. When Yori Antar Awal visited in 2008, he pledged to preserve and re-construct their homes through the Rumah Asuh movement, where students can learn from stakeholders and village communities on how to re-construct traditional houses in rural areas around the country.

In 2012, this project won local and international awards, including the 2012 Asia-Pacific UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation Award and Indonesian Architects Institute Award for conservation. Like his father Han Awal, Yori Antar Awal’s passion for preserving the country’s architectural heritage is a personal mission, worried that these ancient forms of art are being displaced by modern buildings. He champions sustainability for the archipelago and Indonesian vernacular architecture, ensuring that these structures will see many more generations to come.

Awal earned his degree in architecture from Universitas Indonesia (UI). He also serves as a guest lecturer and adviser for UI’s annual architecture excursion to rural places in Indonesia.

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For a conservation project in Suroba, Papua, the Dani tribe conducted a ceremony to induct Yori Antar Awal into their community. They asked their dead ancestors to see what kind of intentions the designer had.

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