Yong Xiang Lin

Chairman, TCI Co.


Vincent Lin, chairman of TCI Co., Ltd., applies biotechnology to facial masks and virus detection equipment

Vincent Lin is the man behind TCI Co., Ltd., a leading biotechnology company in Taiwan, promoting the concept of Integrated Bioscience Design as a basis for product development. The company manufactures nutrient foods and skin care products, such as biocellulose facial masks and essences, and sells them to 56 countries around the world. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the company also developed its own new crown pneumonia detection equipment called the QVS Virus Detection Platform, catering to airports across the world engaged in entry and exit testing. Lin has been instrumental to the company’s innovation and transformation since he was appointed CEO in 2010 and took over as chairman in 2017.


Impacted Industries



EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Taiwan


1st Annual Outstanding Alumni, College of Life Sciences, NCHU Honoree, 2015's 53rd Ten Outstanding Young Persons awards


18th Annual NCHU Outstanding Alumnus


Model Young Entrepreneur


8th International Inventor Prize


3rd MVP Manager Award

Did You Know?

Vincent Lin graduated from National Chung Hsing University with a bachelor’s degree in Plant Pathology and once sold orchid seedlings.

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