Sky Yen

Founder and CEO, LIS Education (Learning Is Science)


Yen dreams of improving Taiwanese education through his non-profit

At 30 years old, Yen Tien-Hao has proven himself a true advocate of improved Taiwanese education. He founded LIS (Learning Is Science) Education, a non-profit that places high value on science literacy — an underrated branch of learning in a system of rote learning and cram schools.

Through the company, Yen redesigns science teaching materials for educators to encourage critical and creative thinking in young students. His program has transformed the process of learning for over 100,000 students in Taiwan. His materials, which are distributed for free, are also available in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Malaysia.

Yen graduated from the National Cheng Kung University where he majored in Chemistry. His dream of cultivating science literacy in children is on the way to being fulfilled through LIS, through which he continues to work with primary and secondary schools and develops textbooks to aid science teachers in their work.


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