Yee I-Lann

Contemporary artist


One of Southeast Asia’s leading contemporary artists, Yee I-Lann’s photographic work casts a wide-ranging eye on the region, its history and culture

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Yee I-Lann is a Malaysian artist known for her installations and digital photo-montages. Her works have been widely exhibited and sold at major art auctions.

A native of Sabah, Yee graduated with a degree in visual arts, majoring in photography and cinematography. She briefly worked as a production designer for feature films before focusing on her art, which explores everything from colonialism and its legacy in Southeast Asia, and cultural heritage to female power, politics and popular culture. Her works often feature recurring symbols like the Malaysian flag, the oxen and native plants, and incorporates local materials and crafts like batik and hand-woven mats.

Yee’s notable works include her digital artwork and interpretation of Huminodun, the female spirit that’s part of the Kadazandusun legend, which sold for US$438,000 at a Christie’s auction. The Orang Besar Series, referencing the socio-political and economic elite, mixes photography with batik. Her recent project Borneo Heart, which explores collaboration, community, cultural traditions and art forms, was created in collaboration with creatives of all types including weavers, filmmakers and dancers.

Yee is the co-founder of art collective LabDNA and is now part of Kota-K Studio, a cross-disciplinary art and architecture platform.


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Did You Know?

Yee comes from a culturally diverse family. Her mother is from New Zealand and her father is Sino-Kadazan.

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