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Yan Ling Kang

Creative director Yan Ling Kang conveys beauty, artistry, and culture through clothes.


A multi-talented and prolific creative, Yan Ling Kang is often found behind the scenes of Taiwan’s most iconic cultural events. He is a large-scale event designer designated by the Taiwan government, creative director of Qinjiaban costumes, creative director of Dekang Yanling Art Studio and Dekang Yanling Model Performing Art Workshop, and creative consultant of the Pili puppet show, one of the most popular TV shows in Taiwan since 1985. He is also an associate professor at Lingdong University of Science and Technology.

Kang’s style, embraced by a wide audience, revolves around exaggerated fashion and accessories. Drawn to bright colours and geometric elements, he is a collage maker who combines small parts to create memorable costumes that represent characters without the models or actors having to speak.

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Pili puppet show, where Yan Ling Kang is a creative consultant, combines the traditional and modern by using CGI during action sequences. 

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