William Belo

Chairman, Wilcon Depot, Inc.


As the founder and chairman emeritus of Wilcon Home Depot, Wilcon Belo has helped Filipinos build their homes

If you live in the Philippines, there’s a good chance that parts of your home—perhaps even its most fundamental parts—were procured from Wilcon Home Depot. It’s the country’s largest and most prominent retailer of hardware and home materials, where you can get everything from tiles and paint to electrical equipment, plumbing essentials, and furniture. If your home needs it, you can very likely get it at Wilcon.

This is why you can reasonably argue that its founder and now chairman emeritus, Belo, helped build millions of Filipino homes. Decades after he first started the business in 1977, Belo has become a billionaire, with a net worth that’s been estimated at PHP1 billion. In recent years, despite the pandemic, his eponymous company has only continued to grow: profits are up and the company intends to hit 100 Wilcon Home Depot stores by 2025. Though Belo has handed the reins of his company to his daughter, Lorraine Belo-Cincochan, the breadth of his legacy is irrefutable.


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William Belo raises crocodiles and owns two crocodile farms that sell skins to LVMH.

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