Victoria Chow

Founder and Managing Director, The Woods


Credit Suisse

Victoria has made high-end cocktails the new recreational drug. Her sleek bar The Woods brought five-star seriousness to what has often been a generic approach to drink-making in Hong Kong for the past 20 years or so. She reinvents classic quaffs (ever had a beet negroni?) and creates new ones (the Poddington Pea) to such delicious effect that ambitious bars and restaurants around town have begun hiring their own mixologists to keep ahead of the cocktail curve, while leading fashion retailers have long tapped into her unique take on food presentation for their events. That Victoria would usher in the next wave of cool cocktail culture with her nautical-inspired oyster bar The Walrus should come as no surprise— Victoria cites New York restaurateur Danny Meyer of Union Square Cafe fame as an inspiration.



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