Vicky Lau

Founder, owner and head chef, Tate Dining Room and Bar


Fine dining chef and restaurateur Vicky Lau's accolades are piling up

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Acclaimed chef Vicky Lau is the founder, owner and head chef of Tate Dining Room and Bar, which opened in 2012. Lau received her first Michelin star a year later, and then a second in 2021, making Lau the first female chef in Asia to receive such an accolade. She is known for her sophisticated east-meets-west cuisine and for her thought-provoking approach to the business of menu construction, conceiving dishes as odes to specific ingredients.

She studied graphic design and worked as a designer, first as an art director for an advertising agency in New York and then as head of her own design agency in Hong Kong, before training at Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok and working at Cepage in Hong Kong, whose chef, Sebastian Lepinoy, she credits as her mentor.

Her artistic leanings are immediately evident in her restaurant’s stylish decor and the dramatic, innovative and beautiful ways she presents her food. In 2020, she also opened lifestyle store and bakery Date By Tate. She was ranked #49 by the Best Chef Awards in 2021, making her the top-ranked chef in Hong Kong. Outside of the kitchen, Lau is on the board of directors for local charity, Feeding Hong Kong, working together with the committee to donate and distribute food to vulnerable people in Hong Kong.


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Did You Know?

Vicky Lau told Tatler in 2020 that her favourite winter comfort food is the Cantonese classic snake soup.

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