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Veronica Colondam

Veronica Colondam

A pillar of philanthropy both in Indonesia and elsewhere, Veronica Colondam’s non-profit Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation aims to empower women, educate under-privileged youth and end poverty


Veronica Colondam is a stalwart in the arena of social enterprises in Indonesia. Multi-awarded for her philanthropy work through her foundation Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), her mission is to provide equal opportunities for women and youth in under-served communities, through education and financial support. To date, YCAB has already expanded outside of Indonesia to include six other countries: Uganda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, Myanmar and Laos.

YCAB ranks 29th out of 200 in the Top Social Good Organizations list by Geneva-based NGO Advisor. Founded in 1999 as a pure non-profit, it has since grown into YCAB Social Enterprise Group. The philanthropic side of YCAB depends on its sustainable, for-profit social-enterprise arm, which includes YCAB Ventures. Colondam also enjoys the support of global brand partners such as HSBC, Citi, Facebook, Microsoft and Samsung.

As of 2020, YCAB Ventures’ micro-finance product counts 185,859 beneficiaries across five provinces. Its investments, which amounted to a total of IDR22.81 billion in 2020, were channelled for the greater good of ten social enterprises.

Colondam has a double degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations, and a MSc in Social Science from Imperial College London’s School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She was also educated at Harvard Kennedy School and MIT in the US, INSEAD in France and Saïd Business School, UK.

In 2001, Colondam became the youngest recipient of the UN-Vienna Civil Society Award. The accolade was established in 1999 to honour outstanding contributions in fostering justice and social progress.

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Apart from being an active figure in philanthropic causes, Veronica Colondam is also a published author and speaker.

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