Tommy Tjiptadjaja

Tommy Tjiptadjaja

Addressing the global plastic-waste crisis, CEO Tommy Tjiptadjaja of Greenhope developed an additive that can make biodegradable plastic


When the news became flooded with stories of the destruction that plastic waste had caused to animals, Tommy Tjiptadjaja knew he wanted to get involved in circumventing this harm. Together with Sugianto Tandio, he founded Greenhope in 2016, determined to create packaging products from renewable resources with a lower carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Through Greenhope, the duo were able to develop Oxium, an additive that can be added to the production of plastics to speed up its degradation, a process instigated when exposed to the sun or hot climates. The biodegradable plastic made with Oxium can take up to two years to degrade, as opposed to normal plastic’s lifespan of up to 500 years. Greenhope also made Ecoplas, packaging material made of cassava starch that’s processed into a resin to make bio-based bags.

Tjiptadjaja believes that collaboration is key in this fight for sustainability. He works with third parties such as manufacturers, brand owners, youth-based groups and NGOs to join the movement, and is active in assisting communities in doing business with integrity.

Tjiptadjaja spent ten years in the US and Europe, but decided to return home to help re-build Indonesia. He went to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Harvard Kennedy School in Massachusetts, and spent some time at the London School of Economics.

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Tjiptadjaja’s wife Sofia has home-schooled their two children, Nadia and Elise, for more than ten years, which includes a mix of academia, religion, daily household chores and exploring their passions.

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