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Small Laude

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This YouTube star gives her audience a peek at everything luxurious through her fun vlogs, from mansion visits to shopping sprees


In her first-ever vlog entry, which was posted on YouTube in August 2019, Small Laude comes home to a mansion in Los Angeles after a long day of shopping. She alights from a white Lamborghini holding a Target shopping bag, proclaiming her haul to the camera: a pack of Klondikes. Through can’t-look-away videos like this, which offer more than a glimpse of her lavish, jet-setting lifestyle, Laude has become a big YouTube star in the Philippines with over 400,000 followers as of writing. Her content often sees her in Metro Manila and Los Angeles, rubbing elbows with famous personalities like Karen Davila and Julia Barretto.

Laude’s online fame is largely a result of the candour of her content, as well as her one-of-a-kind humour, generosity and wealth. She comes from a family that has, at different times, dealt in garment exporting, rice milling, and rice trading; while her husband Philip is the heir of a confectionery company that manufactures Kendi Mint, White Rabbit, Orange Kist, and Viva. The Laudes have also ventured into printing and stock brokerage.

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Small Laude refers to her household helpers as “angels.”

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