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Photo Alex Maeland

SK Lam’s creative studio AllRightsReserved delivers experiences that transcends borders, including some of the world’s coolest and most celebrated public art installations


Who do artists turn to when they want to bring their bold, bizarre ideas to life in Hong Kong? That would be SK Lam, the founder of creative studio AllRightsReserved (ARR).

Lam is a man with a knack for making art go viral, whether it’s Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s 16.5-metre-tall inflatable rubber duck, or the world tour of 1,600 panda sculptures by French artist Paulo Grangeon.

Lam has also worked closely and extensively with Kaws, producing limited-edition toys and major installations. Most notably, AllRightsReserved teamed up with the Brooklyn-based artist to produce Kaws:Holiday, a monumental 28-metre-long floating sculpture of Kaws’ iconic Companion figure, which first appeared in 2018 on Sokcheon Lake in Seoul, South Korea.

It continued its tour to Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Qatar and made a brief pit stop in space in 2020—completing a two-hour zero-gravity walk at more than 40,000 metres into the stratosphere—before reaching its current destination, Singapore, in November.

In June 2021 he launched Fwen Club, an online creative community embracing the rise of NFTs on the global art stage that hopes to “empower established IPs with innovation while growing and incubating a rising generation of fresh creativity”.

“I’m not from a super-wealthy family. My family taught me, if you think something is beautiful, you should want more people to see it. It’s not about showing off or about how expensive something is—it’s about sharing to make the world better.” 

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In 2020, due to travel restrictions here on Earth, SK Lam’s travelling collaboration with Kaws, Kaws:Holiday, went to outer space. The Companion sculpture completed a two-hour zero-gravity space walk at 41.5 kilometres into the stratosphere. 

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