Sarah Zafria Wiweko

Interior Designer, Kotta Interior Design


Visionary designer Sarah Zafria Wiweko brings together traditional Indonesian craftsmanship and a classical Western aesthetic through her Kotta Interior Design firm

Sarah Zafria Wiweko

Sarah Zafria Wiweko has a talent for contrasting. Her bold designs mesh European furniture with classic Indonesian antiques, making the products of her firm, Kotta Interior Design, a sought-after aesthetic in Jakarta’s upper crust.

While Wiweko entered the game relatively recently in 2010, she brought years of work experience with her, gained from time she spent in New York and Melbourne, Australia. Wiweko likes to work with Indonesian materials and champions the craftsmanship of locals, creating designs that are radiant, elegant, and full of history. Though she admits that her vision may not be a flavour that can tickle the palette of anyone, she has grown a steady following among those who are willing to allow this artist to bring her ideas to life.

Wiweko grew up exposed to artistic pursuits, as her father would take his offspring to museums, art markets, and flea markets.


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Did You Know?

While working in New York, Sarah Zafria Wiweko was able to work with Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

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