Rudy Salim

President Director, Prestige Image Motorcars


Entrepreneur Rudy Salim’s fascination with cars led him to become Indonesia’s main man when it comes to top-of-the-line luxury automobiles

Rudy Salim

Rudy Salim’s luxury-vehicle business Prestige Image Motorcars is responsible for bringing rare super-cars like Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and, most recently, electric-car makers Tesla and Renault to the Indonesian market.

As the story goes, the businessman’s relationship with cars started with his parent’s bribing him to go back to medical school with a Mercedes. He has since sold that car for capital to start an online-credit business. Today, Salim’s portfolio includes stocks in food and beverage, retail, media production and IT. He is also a football-club owner; he recently bought West Java football club Cilegon United FC together with artist Raffi Ahmad.

Salim has always been business minded. While he chose a different path from his parents and brothers, who are doctors, he was already in the world of online gaming and micro-finance at 19.

His career in selling luxury cars began in 2012. Using the money he earned from his prior business, he started with just three cars. Shortly after, he opened Prestige Image Motorcar’s first showroom between 2013-2014.


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Rudy Salim hosts a YouTube series called Behind the Wheels, where he invites personalities to share their success stories and dream cars.

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