Royce Hong

Founder and CEO, Xing Mobility


Royce Hong, the CEO of multiple tech and design companies, has a driving passion to create Taiwan’s first electric racecar

His purchase of the first Tesla Roadster many years ago completely changed the way Royce Hong thought about cars. In 2015 he formed Xing Mobility with former Tesla engineer Azizi Tucker, and launched their first electric vehicle prototype, “Miss E,” only a year later. The more fully developed “Miss R”, which was shown in 2018, is charged with an innovative battery system that cools more efficiently and which has been adopted by international vehicle companies.

Hong also concurrently heads IPEVO Technology, a maker of interactive teaching tools widely used in US K-12 schools. One of its niche products, a document camera, experienced an unexpected surge in demand as online learning and remote working became the prevalent modes during the pandemic. IPEVO’s reach now extends beyond the education sector into other industries.

The automotive enthusiast and industrial designer by training is also the chairman of Panasonic Taiwan. With his wife, architect Grace Cheung, he co-founded XRANGE in 2003, an architecture firm known for its practical yet unconventional designs.


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Good Design Award (Japan) for IPEVO PoV

Did You Know?

Royce Hong incorporated calligraphy artist Tong Yang-tze’s brushwork into the exterior paintwork of the Miss R, giving the supercar a distinctively Taiwanese flourish.

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