Ronald Akili

Co-Founder and CEO, PTT Family


A leader in the F&B and Hospitality industries who amplifies the voices and works of local creatives

Ronald Akili has created a new concept in creative hospitality with his brand Potato Head Family. The founder and CEO of PTT Family has developed some of the hottest F&B venues in Jakarta, Bali, and Hong Kong. Akili’s practice mashes up lifestyle, art, and design, and has helped showcase Indonesia’s contemporary art, architecture, and food to become recognised on the global stage.

One of PTT Family’s largest developments is Desa Potato Head in Seminyak, Bali, an all-encompassing village that houses a beach club, hotels, restaurants, bars, and creative spaces. Guided by their value #GoodTimesDoGood, the venues of PTT Family have promoted a new breath of sustainability, as they move into being carbon-neutral.

Not only do they ensure that you are served good food and drink and stay at excellently designed hotels, they also tackle environmental issues and lead the way in recycling and upcycling, in the pursuit of creating more sustainable destinations.


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Did You Know?

Ronald Akili is an ardent believer of mindfulness. While in Singapore, he takes his time to disconnect and do his favourite things: reading at Queenstown Library, taking long walks at Changi Beach, and admiring the beauty of MacRitchie Reservoir and the Botanic Gardens.

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