Cary Lagdameo

Vice President, Damosa Land, Inc.


This third-generation scion is leading the real-estate arm of the family empire

Few families in Mindanao are as prominent as the Floirendos, whose patriarch, Antonio Floirendo Sr, built a diverse business empire off of bananas. Today, a third-generation Floirendo is running the real estate arm of that empire: Cary Lagdameo, son of Linda Floirendo-Lagdameo and Antonio Lagdameo, is the first vice president of Damosa Land, Inc., which is part of the family’s Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (ANFLOCOR).

The young scion holds an MBA from Columbia University and worked as an investment banker before joining the family business. Now, he’s heading Damosa Land with a focus on sustainability and agriculture as core aspects of the business. By expanding in recent years, Damosa has helped spur development in the Davao region with mixed-use properties, an industrial park, and the acclaimed Seawind condominium project.

Because of his entrepreneurial acumen, Lagdameo has been featured as a mentor-investor in The Final Pitch, a reality television show about business.




Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Did You Know?

Cary Lagdameo is married to Tina Lagdameo, with whom he has two children.

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