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Rajan “Piku” Uttamchandani

Photo Courtesy of Rajan "Piku" Uttamchandani

Rajan "Piku" Uttamchandani founded Esquire Financing Inc., and is currently its chairman and CEO.


Uttamchandani’s company, Esquire Financing Inc., is all about supporting and uplifting local entrepreneurs and business owners. In fact, it has continuously brought collateral-free loans to small businesses all over the Philippines, becoming the country’s largest provider of loans to SMEs to date, having lent more than US$400 million. Since its inception in 2011, EFI grew and became a respected, top non-bank SME financing company in the Philippines. Their bottom line is to aid MSMEs in reaching their goals by providing access to funds and advisory services.

“Nothing gives us more pleasure than graduating a client from us to a bank," he had once said. "Because we know they’ve really grown. That’s really our measure of success: they’ve become self-sustainable and are able to do this business on their own.”

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The company also operates a non-profit microfinancing arm called the Help Foundation. 

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