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Purwa Caraka

Purwa Caraka

Apart from being celebrated for his work as a composer and musician, Purwa Caraka is known for creating dedicated spaces for music education


Purwa Caraka is a celebrated composer with a wide array of pieces that appear in Indonesian films and television shows, but he is also widely respected for founding the Purwa Caraka Music Studio. Since it was founded around 30 years ago, the music school now has 50 branches all over the country and more than 20,000 new students enrolling each year.

A passionate musician himself, Caraka started studying classical piano when he was as young as seven years old. Despite his early talent, his family pushed him to get a formal education and Caraka graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Today, he is Music Director of Purwa Caraka Orchestra as well as Conductor of Gita Bahana Nusantara. Purwa is also involved in Sound of Borobudur, a cultural movement by the Padma Sada Svargantara Foundation that aims to uncover and share the rich history of music in Indonesia.

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Purwa Caraka is the older brother of fellow singer and composer Trie Utami.

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