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Puri Hadiprana

Puri Hadiprana

Commissioner for what was the first art gallery in Indonesia, Puri Hadiprana is using her expertise and passion to grow it into something even bigger


Hadiprana Design is a bastion of the art and design industry of Jakarta, first established around 60 years ago, with Puri Hadiprana bringing the brand forward as its commissioner. The art gallery was created by her father, Hendra Hadiprana, who started by setting up Hadiprana Architects in 1958 when he returned to Indonesia from the Netherlands.

In the same year, after encountering a local art exhibition, Hendra began working towards his own firm, which now curates and highlights the best of Indonesian art and design. Today, there are eight main businesses under the Hadiprana umbrella brand, which expands even to the property and hospitality industries.

An architectural engineering graduate at Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Puri founded the Hadiprana Art Centre in 1998, which is now her main focus. She also looks after the Hadiprana Gallery in Kemang, South Jakarta, as well as hotel properties in Bali, including Tanah Gajah and Duadari in the cultural hub of Ubud. She also overlooks the sister businesses Hadiprana Jewellery, Hadiprana Signature and Kedai Mitra.

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Puri Hadiprana chose to study architecture instead of art because of the influence of her father, who wanted her to study the former. She has also done social work for children of under-privileged families in the slums of Pademangan, North Jakarta.

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