Pi Hua Chen

Chairwoman, Chlitina


Pi Hua Chen of Chlitina merges beauty and business to great success

Pi Hua Chen is the woman behind Chlitina, one of the largest chains of salons in Asia. In 1999, she opened the first branch in Shanghai, which turned a profit in a mere three years.

Focusing on beauty and skin care products while integrating research and development, production, sales, and quality service, Chlitina has grown with over 140 products and 20 product lines. Because of its feasible and attractive business model, it was able to expand to at least 4,800 franchise stores across China and Southeast Asia. Two hundred of these stores are in Taiwan.

Recently, it has set its sights on Vietnam, unveiling a grand, five-storey flagship store in Ho Chi Minh City in 2020. The company hopes to open over 20 stores in the country by 2024.


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Did You Know?

Pi Hua Chen is involved in public welfare, helping build schools in remote areas of Taiwan with her Burning Lantern project.

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