Peggy Choi

Founder and CEO, Lynk


For democratising access to knowledge


Peggy Choi is the founder and CEO of Lynk, a knowledge-as-a-service platform that puts people who need business information in touch with people who have it. She previously worked in private equity, where she discovered how difficult it could be for companies to get hold of the sort of timely, relevant expert information that could be critical to their businesses, a realisation that led her to set up Lynk in 2015.

It connects a customer base, which combines investment funds, professional services firms and corporations of all sizes, with more than 840,000 experts, who have knowledge of more than 8,500 topics, using customer feedback and machine learning to assess its value and constantly refine its offering. It has eight offices in six countries, and is set to grow further after it received US$24 million in funding in late 2020 from investors, including Brewer Lane Ventures, MassMutual Ventures and Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund.


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Did You Know?

Peggy Choi is also an accomplished artist with a portfolio that includes everything from sculpture to painting and fashion to game design.

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