Pearl Lam

Driven by a passion for art, gallerist Pearl Lam has always ploughed her own furrow

Founder of the eponymous art galleries in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, Pearl Lam is also an art collector, patron and curator. A maverick with a reputation for speaking her mind, she is the daughter of Lai Sun Group founder Lim Por-yen, who for many years was far from enamoured by her choice of career. She relocated from London to China in the early 2000s, where her existing passion for western contemporary art was gradually joined by a growing love for Chinese cultural heritage.

Lam has been organising exhibitions since 1993, and opened her first gallery in Shanghai in 2005, before returning to Hong Kong to establish her gallery’s permanent space at the Pedder Building in 2012. A second Hong Kong gallery, with a focus on emerging artists, joined it in 2015, while her Singapore space opened in 2014. Lam is also the founder of the China Art Foundation.

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