After an illustrious career in Taiwan and the United States, businesswoman Pat Tsao grooms the next generation of leaders


Pat Tsao has spent much of her life moving at the breakneck pace of information technology. After moving to the United States in 1975, she founded and led INTECS International in 1988 with her software engineering discipline and keen marketing sense—and soon enough, it was changing the game with its customized software development and system integration systems. 

After 36 years in the US, however, Tsao returned to Taiwan to give back to her country with her entrepreneurial spirit. She founded the Pan Asia Innovation Association for Young Entrepreneurs and Retirees to create opportunities for these groups to cooperate and build new ventures together.

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Pat Tsao was also the producer of the 2013 Hollywood film A Leading Man, in which she had a role as a supporting actress. 

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