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Dato' Dr Nick Boden

An entrepreneur and humanitarian, Nick Boden is the founder of a Malaysian-based recycling start-up as well as the first health passport, Immunitee


Dato’ Dr Nick Boden is a chiropractor and entrepreneur who is the CEO and co-founder of KLEAN, a wholly Malaysian start-up that’s behind the unique reverse-vending machines that reward people for recycling their plastics and aluminium cans. He is also the founder and CEO of Immunitee, Malaysia’s first health passport.

Originally from South Africa, Nick Boden has a Master’s in Chiropractic and is specialised in treating musculo-skeletal disorders and spine conditions. Prior to re-locating to Malaysia, he served five years with the South African men’s hockey team.

Boden has now been a practising chiropractor in Malaysia for more than 15 years, and founded the Spine & Joint clinics, a chain of integrated chiropractic and physiotherapy health centres. He started a corporate social-responsibility project called Lend-a-Hand, which sponsors 3D prosthetic arms made from single-use plastic bottles to children born without hands, arms or wrists. This inspired him to help Malaysia reduce its contribution to plastic pollution by creating a circular economy to encourage recycling in the country.

With Malaysian-designed and -produced KLEAN reverse-vending machines, people can exchange their plastic bottles and aluminium cans for virtual currency that can be used to purchase food vouchers, mobile credit and more. He recently launched Immunitee, a Malaysian health passport and blockchain-based app, which stores personal immunisation records and vaccine data, and is designed to ease travellers’ clearance at borders. Approved for use by Singapore, Boden is now targeting a global roll-out.

Nick Boden is married to former Malaysian beauty queen Elaine Daly, and has three children.

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Boden was introduced to his wife by a mutual friend and they clicked right away. They had a brief courtship before he popped the question. 

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