Munira Hamzah

Visual artist, poet


Moon HMZ or ‘mumu_the_stan’, is a homegrown visual artist and poet

Munira Hamzah
Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Active in the Tezos NFT community as well as as Teia, a community-led decentralised NFT platform, Munira Hamzah's experimental pixel animations on Twitter were what caught the eye of one Mike Shinoda. The Linkin Park’s frontman bought her tongue-in-cheek pixel art tribute of himand his wife in onesies dancing to the artist’s tracks for RM7,400.

She launched MalaysiaNFT, a non-profit organisation that supports Malaysian artists in the NFT scene and serves as an online platform that provides educational materials, minting funds as well as peer support to local creatives. To date, her list of achievements have grown exponentially; not only has she exhibited her work at Art Basel Miami and Art Basel Hong Kong, she was also invited as a guest speaker at a number of conferences on art and NFTs, including the Art Basel in June 2022, CryptoArt Week Asia, and Geckocon.

“Creating art to me is akin to breathing. If I don’t make art, my mind suffocates.”


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