Tan Sri Mohd Ariffin Yusuf

Managing Director, Primabumi Group


A dynamic entrepreneur, Tan Sri Mohd Ariffin Yusuf built the Primabumi Group, which maintains leadership in the pharmaceutical business more than four decades later

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Tan Sri Mohd Ariffin Yusuf is a veteran in the healthcare sector who is behind Primabumi Sdn Bhd, one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. He is also the founder of the diverse businesses, ranging from real estate and property development to manufacturing, under the group umbrella as well as an independent director of the Caring Pharmacy Group.

Yusuf’s entry into the pharmaceutical business began with a friendship he formed with the store superintendent of the Ministry of Health, whom he met while working for a company supplying provisions to government hospitals. Based on his friend’s advice to venture into the pharmaceutical business, Yusuf initially partnered with his boss to set up the new business before venturing out on his own a few years later, establishing Primabumi Sdn Bhd in 1975.

With a handful of staff, Yusuf built the company from scratch, quickly winning the confidence of healthcare centres and securing tenders from the likes of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He later led the diversification of its business interests, first into real estate investment and property development, which among other projects built the company’s former 13-storey office building as well as its current headquarters. This was followed by a baby- and adult-diaper manufacturing company (now sold), and later the manufacturing of baby-care products.

Married to retired teacher Puan Sri Adebah Seman, today their four sons are following in Yusuf’s footsteps as heads of the different business units within the group.


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Did You Know?

Tan Sri Mohd Ariffin Yusuf graduated from the School of Business Management at MARA, and later studied central banking in Karachi, Pakistan.

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