Michael Ou

Founder, CoolBitX


Michael Ou’s crypto wallet card is a cool bit of technology

For many years he headed his father’s banking security solutions company, SmartDisplayer, giving Michael Ou the foresight to see that cryptocurrency would be the next financial sector to explode. In 2014, he founded CoolBitX, and two years later launched the CoolWallet S, the world’s first mobile crypto hardware wallet, a physical device where users can store and manage their virtual assets. The wallet’s app allows users to send, receive, and trade assets with other users and exchanges like Binance DEX.

In October 2021, Ou released the CoolWallet Pro, co-branded with Crypto.com, the fast-growing crypto platform known for its high-profile partnerships in the sports industry. The new wallet unlocks additional benefits for users, such as the ability to earn passive income and access to the Rarible NFT platform. CoolBitX also introduced Sygna, a solution that helps crypto exchanges comply with anti-money laundering regulations.


Did You Know?

Michael Ou became obsessed about crypto when he first learnt of it in 2013. He saw there was a lot of missing pieces in the space—such as security and compliance—before it could reach mass adoption.

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