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Mesty Ariotedjo

Mesty Ariotedjo

Mesty Ariotedjo is a trained paediatrician promoting health equity and social justice through innovative healthcare developments such as and Tentang Anak


Mesty Ariotedjo is a health practitioner whose contributions to the medical industry go way beyond the confines of her day job. A medical doctor specialising in paediatrics, she is also renowned for her efforts to digitise and democratise healthcare through health-tech tools and Tentang Anak., established in 2015, is a crowd-funding website for the benefit of patients who have limited financial capability, live in hard-to-reach areas and are not a member of the social security administering body.

Tentang Anak, on the other hand, is a development ecosystem consisting of an educational platform, mobile application and direct-to-consumer products developed by healthcare experts.

Ariotedjo (born Dwi Lestari Pramesti Ariotedjo) obtained her degree from the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Medicine, and is a Master of Public Health candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA, concentrating in Health Systems and Policy.

Ariotedjo was the youngest member of the World Economic Forum in 2014, and served as the only representative and speaker at the International Non-Communicable Diseases Children Conference.

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Mesty Ariotedjo is musically inclined, playing the piano, harp and flute. She is also a recording artist.

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