Meng Bi Lin

Chairman, Hoshinoya Guguan


Meng Bi Lin’s Hoshinoya Guguan is sparking Taiwan’s luxury tourism potential

Meng Bi Lin, chairman of the luxury resort Hoshinoya Guguan, had the vision of creating the top resort in Taiwan. In 2019, he opened Hoshinoya Guguan in Taichung, which is the first luxury hot spring resort established by the century-old Japanese lodging brand Hoshino Resorts in Taiwan. In May 2020, it was selected as the World’s Best Health Resort by Traveller Magazine. The onsen is found in the suburbs of Taichung, which was discovered to have an abundance of hot spring water and a mountainous topography that can support built environments.


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Did You Know?

Hoshinyo Guguan, under Meng Bi Lin’s leadership, completed a 1,300-meter-long promenade that overlooks Taiwan’s central mountain range and the Daljia River.

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