Marion Branellec-de Guzman

Marketing manager, Jewelmer Group


Jewelmer's marketing manager is elevating her family’s luxury jewellery brand

“I would like to do my part to ensure that the legacy of the golden pearl lives on forever,” Marion Branellec-De Guzman once told Tatler. “To continue to produce the South Sea pearl means that we can protect our oceans and empower the communities that rely on pearl farming efforts.” She talks passionately about the work of Jewelmer, the luxury jewellery brand founded by her father, the French pearl farmer Jacques Branellec. With her brother, Jacques Christophe, Branellec-De Guzman is steering Jewelmer in the direction of sustainability and marine conservation.

As marketing manager, she heads global initiatives for Jewelmer in 15 countries, shaping its core brand identity. Key to that is Jewelmer’s commitment to sustainable pearl farming. “I want future generations to be able to enjoy and appreciate the bounties of nature that we were able to experience as children,” she said. “Taking care of the pearl is our way of allowing our oceans to remain pristine.”


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Did You Know?

Before joining Jewelmer, Marion Branellec-De Guzman was an account manager in an advertising agency in Australia, working on meaningful campaigns about anti-violence against women and safe travelling practices.

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