Mao Song Chang

Chairman, Cosmos Hotels & Resorts


Mao Song Chang transforms Cosmos Hotels & Resorts into a successful lifestyle brand

Mao Song Chang has been the chairman of Cosmos Hotels & Resorts since its inception in 1979. From a local hotel brand, the company is now a diversified hotel group with three major businesses spanning hospitality, off-site catering, and golf courses. Under Chang, Cosmos Hotels & Resorts adopts a multi-brand strategy, with each of its brands having a unique positioning and personality, while catering to different consumer groups, and has also launched its retail channel, Cosmos Creation, in 2016.

To date, the company has businesses in Taipei, Taoyuan, Jiayi, and Hualian.


Impacted Industries

Did You Know?

Mao Song Chang oversees the operations of 10 themed hotels, 27 restaurants, and one 27-hole golf course.

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