Mandy de la Rama

Fashion designer

As a model, a designer, and a style icon, Mandy de la Rama approaches style through varied perspectives

She is known for her unique sartorial choices, which earned her the title of Most Stylish at the Philippine Tatler Ball in 2005.

Consistent in de la Rama’s fashion philosophy is her easy, straightforward style. She dresses well but also comfortably, revealing that her biggest fashion regret is every single time she’s ever worn painful shoes.

Embodying the idea that confidence is key, de la Rama is known to be happiest in a bikini. “After all, less is more,” she laughs. Unsurprisingly, this lines up with her style aesthetic of “no-fuss and functional”. She says, “Personally, fashion at the end of the day is just work for me. However, if I am able to make someone feel good and confident when wearing something of mine—and especially when sharing the moment with me—the happiness I feel is unparalleled.”



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