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Maggie Weng

Maggie Weng, one of Asia’s top collectors, is also a staunch advocate for building a museum without walls


Maggie Weng has never sold any of the artworks from her collection, which reaches up to 600 pieces that are all displayed around her home, at guest receptions, and in office areas. She buys art purely out of love and intuition, without any advice from an agent or auction specialist. As the CEO of Fubon Art Foundation, Weng actively cultivates a museum-like corporate space with the goal of establishing an art museum that comes from the streets and city corners.

The Very Fun Park, for instance, is Fubon’s annual exhibit that brings local and international art to public and commercial spaces around the city, covering pedestrian overpasses, green parks, shopping mall corridors, even construction sites. Fubon Art Foundation was formed in 1997 with the goal of making art more accessible to the wider public through educational initiatives and cultural events. Her husband, Richard Tsai, is the president of Fubon Financial.

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Maggie Weng is also dedicated to music, and has performed with Taiwan’s National Symphony Orchestra in 2014. She also sits on the board of the New York Philharmonic.   

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