Loui Lim

Director; vice president of leisure and hospitality, Dream Cruises; Genting Group


Genting scion Loui Lim is retooling the legendary conglomerate to reflect changing tastes in leisure

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Loui Lim takes on two roles for family-owned company Genting Group: he is director of Dream Cruises and executive vice president of new ship designs for the company, as well as vice president of leisure and hospitality for Genting Malaysia’s terrestrial resorts. He is the youngest son of Malaysian billionaire Lim Kok Thay of Genting Group, and the grandson of gaming magnate Lim Goh Tong, who started off as a vegetable farmer in mainland China, moved to what was then Malaya to make his fortune and, having done so with businesses from machinery trading to construction, risked the lot building the Genting Highlands resort. The company now has operations from casinos to plantations to resorts to cruise lines, and Loui has been busy guiding it into the future, shifting its emphasis towards areas such as entertainment and wellness.

Originally trained as an architect, he is renowned for his sartorial flair, and is a regular face on Hong Kong’s social circuit.


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Did You Know?

Loui Lim was an enthusiastic painter as a child, and took the craft up again during the pandemic.

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