Li Ling Hsu

Founder and Chairman, Xue Xue Foundation


Lifelong promoter of Taiwanese arts and culture Li Ling Hsu is a true “local” hero

A purveyor of style and culture, Li Ling Hsu brings the arts closer to the youth of Taiwan through Xue Xue Institute, the first domestic experimental institution of art, design, and aesthetics. With over 13 years of experience in fashion and retail as the general manager of Sunrise Department Store, Hsu was instrumental in shaping the local fashion scene and cultivating well-known designers such as Shiatzy Chen, Jamei Chen, and Isabelle Wen.

In 2007, she expanded her influence to the arts and established Xue Xue Foundation, which offers thousands of courses on arts, music, and design. In 2017, she established the Xue Xue Institute, which caters to the new generation of Taiwanese artists who access information, inspiration, and resources through non-traditional avenues. Hsu has dedicated herself to the promotion, research, and development of Taiwanese culture and has been instrumental in the country’s emergence as a hub for the arts in Asia.


Impacted Industries



Design for Asia Grand Award, Hong Kong Design Center


Taiwan Outstanding Business Woman Award


Tokyo Creation Award, Japan Fashion Association

Did You Know?

In 2009, Li Ling Hsu gave a TED Talk on her work as a champion of Taiwan’s culture and creative industries.

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