Li Hua Tan

General partner, Platinum Whiskey Investment Fund


Li Hua Tan demonstrates that rare single malt whiskies are investable assets

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Li Hua Tan is the co-founder of Platinum Whisky Investment Fund, the world’s first Single Malt Whisky private equity fund. Tan’s proudest achievement to date, the fund has successfully invested in vintage and rare single malt whiskies since 2014, demonstrating that rare single malt whiskies are profitable asset classes. Since then, Tan has helped many professional investors set up their own single malt whisky investment portfolios with proper management systems. On a personal level, Tan takes pride in mentoring other women in business, empowering them with financial literacy.

Tan co-founded Rare Whisky Holdings, an asset management company. The company acquired Glenor Cask Company in 2019 and stakes in Whiskey Hammer and Still Spirit in 2021, which allowed Rare Whisky Holdings to gain foothold in the whiskey online auction and e-commerce space. The platform provides an accessible, user-friendly experience to whisky enthusiasts.

A graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in corporate finance and business administration, Tan began her career as a financial analyst in New York and Los Angeles before moving back to Malaysia to manage a real estate corporation as well as her own family assets.


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Did You Know?

Li Hua Tan is also an avid Argentinian tango dancer.

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