A serial entrepreneur who wears many hats—lawyer, furniture retailer and cricket farmer


Kevin Wu founded Ento in 2018 after he left his job as a lawyer and discovered cricket tacos during his travels. This inspired him to start his first venture which specialises in insect-based proteins. Ento has farmed crickets and produced edible products such as roasted crickets as well as alternate versions such as cookies and burger patties made with cricket powder.

Wu is a big believer that bugs like crickets are a sustainable source of proteins as they take up less resources and space compared to livestock. They also offer health benefits too as they boast high levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and are low in fat.

Following its founding, Ento was accepted into Sunway iLab’s Super Accelerator programme that aided in the development and distribution of Ento’s products. Today, independent retailers carry his products.

Never one to pass up on an opportunity to venture into new markets Wu started a retail furniture business, Furniture Outlet Centre, in 2019. The tireless Wu has also stepped back into the legal profession by opening his own firm, Kevin Wu & Associates.

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Wu’s love for entrepreneurship stems from his love of selling products and talking to customers.  

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