Juliette Gimenez

Co-founder and CEO, Goxip


Credit Suisse

With a keen entrepreneurial streak, Juliette Gimenez has a wealth of experience under her belt, having worked for start-ups Ubuyibuy (later acquired by Groupon) and Cdiscount, a global e-commerce player, before founding her own mobile app, Goxip. A Shazam for the fashion world, Goxip allows users to snap a photo of any fashion item and, using powerful image recognition and smart search technology, the app will find the exact item or its equivalent. The product can then be purchased instantly on the platform, where six million fashion and beauty products from 500 online merchants are on offer. Juliette has bigger plans still for the snap, shop and wear service, with plans to launch an influencer platform, Rewardsnap, after raising US$5 million in its series A round of funding in January, led by Chinese beauty filter app Meitu.


Impacted Industries


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