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Joshua Irwandi

Joshua Irwandi

Joshua Irwandi is a young, award-winning documentary photographer pushing the envelope in eye-opening photo-journalism in Indonesia, whose recent work has shone a light on the Covid-19 pandemic


As a documentary photographer, Joshua Irwandi’s body of work exposes uncomfortable truths in society. The multi-awarded photographer has been lauded for his work in documenting the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, shedding light on the human toll of the global crisis.

One of the images in particular that he shot for National Geographic last year shook Indonesia: a photo of a patient who died of COVID-19 wrapped in plastic, alone inside a hospital room. The Human Cost of Covid-19 stirred up conversation within the country as well as around the world, eventually landing Irwandi in contention for both the Pulitzer Prize and World Press Photo Prize.

Amid Irwandi’s striking and sometimes unsettling imagery, empathy can still be felt, reminding the viewer that the subject is in fact human and not just a mere news item. Prior to his groundbreaking Covid-19 coverage, Irwandi worked as a member of museum staff at the Asmat Museum in Papua, where he began his long-term photographic project spotlighting the Asmat people.

Irwandi graduated from the University of Exeter and London College of Communication, UK. He has contributed to various local newspaper as well as international publications like National Geographic, The Guardian and The Times.

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Irwandi originally earned a degree in English literature, and eventually pursued graduate studies in photojournalism and documentary photography.

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