Jeremy Thomas

Seasoned actor Jeremy Thomas today grooms the next generation, while actively producing and directing


Jeremy was born and raised in Riau before moving to Jakarta to enter Atma Jaya University. Having a good physique from a hobby of sports, Jeremy joined various modelling jobs. His popularity rose further during his work as a soap opera actor in the early ‘90s. At that time, Jeremy was one of the darlings of the giant soap opera production house, Multivision Plus, having acted in dozens of their productions. With his famous soap opera titles, Tersanjung and Janjiku, Jeremy then expanded into movies until today. Moreover, his creative vision extends to producing and directing films, televisions and digital content through Creative Power Management based in Indonesia and England. His main goal is to create better quality content for and promote Indonesia.

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Jeremy is an intrepid traveller keen on exploring different corners of Indonesia with his family in tow.



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