Jennifer Zhu Scott

Jennifer Zhu Scott is the executive chairman of The Commons Project Foundation, which uses digital infrastructure for public good


Jennifer Zhu Scott is the executive chairman of The Commons Project Foundation, which uses digital infrastructure for public good. The organisation’s key products include CommonHealth, the Android version of Apple Health, CommonPass, which provides Covid-19 related health data, and CommonCheck, a digital credential verification tool that allows border control staff to check digital health records.

The Commons Project is a co-developer of Smart Health Cards, the Covid-19 health data standard that was adopted by Apple at their Worldwide Development Conference in 2021. Zhu Scott is also the founding principal of Radian Partners, a private investment firm for large family owners focusing on artificial intelligence and renewable energy. Prior to that, she was head of business development and strategy in Apac for Thomson Reuters and led the firm’s voice recognition, speech-to-text, deep search intelligence and video-indexing projects.

Born and raised in Sichuan province, Zhu Scott co-founded one of the first education companies in mainland China, before moving to the UK to become a senior advisor to the education subsidiary of the Daily Mail & General Trust. “Back then in China, education, especially quality overseas education, was sometimes the only path for our generation to change our lives completely. I was a lecturer at my university, and when the UK opened up to Chinese students to study in British institutions, I moved to Shenzhen and set up my company to help parents navigate this path that was completely new to everyone.”

In 2018, she was selected to be part of Princeton University’s first executive education programme focused on advanced energy sustainability and leadership. A trailblazer in her field, she is a frequent public speaker and published opinion writer on artificial intelligence, blockchain, data ownership, and China’s digital monetary strategies. This year, she was named an inaugural member of the Health Council of the New Economy Forum by Mike Bloomberg. Scott is the lead author or co-author of numerous White Papers, a series of reports on global issues, by the World Economic Forum.

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Jennifer Zhu Scott was a senior technical consultant for seasons five and six of the HBO show Silicon Valley, and her TED Talk “Why You Should Be Paid For Your Data” has over 3 million views.

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