Ivy Josiah

Co-founder, Women's Aid Organisation


A fearless activist who is known for her efforts in championing equality and justice for women

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Ivy Josiah is a prominent women’s rights activist who is integral in helping establish the Women’s Aid Organisation, the first shelter in Malaysia for survivors of domestic violence. As its former president and executive director, she was responsible for developing and implementing the types of services provided at the free shelter, from crisis support, counselling, to child care centre.

She is also credited for raising significant awareness about domestic violence, educating the public on the subject and successfully advocating for legal and policy reform to protect abused women and combat violence against women.

Currently, Ivy is teamed up with leaders from 14 women’s organisations, spearheading Malaysia’s first Women Tribunal, which aims to provide an alternative form of justice and advocacy for women’s human rights and gender equality in the country. The tribunal, which will give a voice to women affected by gender discrimination and gather their testimonies, aim to offer recommendations to effect change.


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Did You Know?

Ivy’s first encounter with in the case of domestic abuse was her neighbour’s when she was a young girl. Her quick thinking to make a lot of noise in her home stopped the beatings that the wife was taking from the husband.

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