Ivy Kamadjaja

Deputy CEO, Kamadjaja Logistics


As a leader in the country’s logistics and shipping industry, through her work as deputy head of Kamadjaja Logistics, Ivy Kamadjaja’s life’s work is about connecting the Indonesian archipelago

Ivy Kamadjaja

One of the country’s leading logistics companies, Kamadjaja Logistics has been around for more than 50 years, run by the Kamadjaja family and with Ivy as Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer. Founded and headed by her father, Hura Kamadjaja, the business began as a small shop in a coastal town on the island of Flores that sold goods that were shipped in.

Today, the company boasts of a huge network, with distribution centres in cities spread all over the country; a network that Ivy is still constantly expanding. Kamadjaja is highly regarded in her industry, having won several awards including the Bronze Stevie Award for Women in Business in 2014.

On top of her career in logistics, Kamadjaja also acts as a bridge between Indonesia and the United Kingdom, as the appointed British Prosperity Honorary Consul for Surabaya and East Java at Jakarta’s British Embassy. As a diplomat, she aims to tackle climate change, and advocates for developing Surabaya’s e-mobility market.


Impacted Industries



Bronze Stevie Award for Women in Business


Marketeer of the Year—Marketer Media, Surabaya


Best Industry Marketing Champion—IMA


Best Industry Marketing Special Mention Logistic Sector—IMA

Did You Know?

Kamadjaja began her career in 1996 as the Marketing Executive at Bank Central Asia in Jakarta before she went on to join Kamadjaja Logistics.

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