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Husodo Angkosubroto

Husodo Angkosubroto of Gunung Sewu exemplifies the business owner of the future—one who pays equal attention to his bottom lines, employees’ welfare and the impact of his vast holdings to the environment


The Gunung Sewu group’s various interests – including investments in food, manufacturing, property and insurance– put the Angkosubroto family in Indonesia’s 50 richest list. Equally impressive, though, is how the conglomerate’s incumbent Chairman, Husodo Angkosubroto, has balanced profits with social and environmental compliance.

In videos posted at the World Economic Forum’s YouTube channel, Angkosubroto talked about the steps Gunung Sewu has taken to achieve sustainable food value chains. That includes reducing the use of chemicals to restore soil vitality, integrating crops and livestock management to reduce waste and also expenditure.

Under Angkosubroto’s leadership, the conglomerate has forged equitable partnerships with small-scale farmers to give them the opportunity to own sustainable and scaleable businesses. With the arrangement, the workers can earn more without leaving home to work in the cities. According to Angkosubroto, they’ve managed to “uplift the income of the farmers, probably [to] two to three times the minimum wage.”

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Every sixth canned pineapple globally comes from Gunung Sewu’s company Great Giant Pineapple, the largest integrated canned pineapple facility in the world.

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