Henry Motte-Muñoz

Founder and Executive Chairman, Co-Founder, Edukasyon.ph, Bantay.ph


The founder of Edukasyon.ph is a pioneer of edtech in the Philippines

In 2012, a cousin of Henry Motte-Muñoz was set to apply to several colleges in the Philippines. Motte-Muñoz witnessed his cousin's struggle with the college applications in the Philippines—the lack of information and structure which made the process so difficult for many young students. That’s when he got the idea for Edukasyon.ph—a platform that matches Filipino students to educational opportunities around the world. He began researching the concept while working a day job in London, then by 2015, he relocated to Manila and shifted into gear, focusing fully on Edukasyon.ph as its CEO. He grew the company into the Philippines’ most prominent edtech platform—a pioneer in its field, with a measurable impact on the lives of students across the country. Beyond matching students to their university prospects, Edukasyon.ph provides holistic advice about skills, career paths, and internship opportunities. In October 2020, Motte-Muñoz became the company’s head of growth.

Before he founded Edukasyon.ph, Motte-Muñoz worked as a private equity associate at Bain Capital and as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs.


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Did You Know?

Henry Motte-Muñoz completed his MBA at Harvard Business School in 2013 and his bachelor’s degree in economics and economic history at the London School of Economics in 2007.

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