Helen Chan

Co-founder and director, Vita Green Health Products


Vita Green founder Helen Chan has built Hong Kong’s leading health supplement brand

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Vita Green Health Products, the company of which Helen Chan is a co-founder and director, is synonymous with nutritional supplements in Hong Kong. Chan, a qualified western medical doctor of several decades’ standing who also recognises the healing power of herbal medicine, set up the company in 1993 to combine the two disciplines.

Vita Green presents a range of traditional Chinese medical ingredients in the form of nutritional supplements prepared under exacting clinical conditions; it is particularly well-known for its signature lingzhi medicinal mushroom product, one of the first it ever developed, while it also offers Western health supplements via the Doctor’s Choice brand of vitamins imported from the US. The company has more than 60 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, and also sells its products around Asia and in Europe and North America, with offices in six countries.


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Did You Know?

The genesis of Vita Green came when Helen Chan was invited by a friend of her mother to invest in a lingzhi wine factory in China’s Guangxi province.

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