Grace Tahir

Co-founder/Director, Hospital


Grace Tahir is carving her own path as a healthcare innovator and angel investor

For some years, Grace Tahir led a cushy life as director at her conglomerate-owning father Dato Sri Tahir’s Mayapada Hospital South Jakarta. But the digital world came calling. In 2012, Tahir launched BibbyCam, a free photo-filtering and photo-sharing app for Blackberry, which peaked with over 300,000 users worldwide. It closed down after just two years due to Blackberry’s declining popularity.

It was a brief but enjoyable excursion into tech that eventually opened up bigger opportunities in an industry close to Tahir’s heart. Aware of the issues besetting Indonesia’s healthcare system, the budding med-tech entrepreneur launched in 2014—a platform connecting people to doctors, free health and medical advice, originally called PilihDokter—and Medico, a healthcare-management system.

Tahir’s other side hustle, as an angel investor, gives her the opportunity to build momentum for the empowerment of women and gender equality, by investing in start-ups initiated by female entrepreneurs.


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